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Human Resources

Human Resources

The need to manage people, remuneration and conditions of employment led to what we know today as the SAFCEC Human Resources Support Service.  As early as 1941, we initiated exploratory discussions with certain trade unions to discuss the issues around conditions of employment.  During the sixties we took the initiative to establish statutory minimum wages for the industry.  And again, during the early nineties we took the initiative in preparing for centralised bargaining with labour unions that were becoming stronger.  With the advent of democracy, the legal environment regulating labour relations has undergone a revolution.

The Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, and others have changed the face of labour relations completely.  The challenge is to make this legislation work in ways that will not inhibit growth and efficiency in the industry, and which will not deprive it of its greatest attribute, that of being a leading creator of employment.   The opening of international markets is raising a further need - to understand companies’ rights of moving people and the legal framework in the host countries.

 SAFCEC Human Resources Support Service provides members with the following benefits: -

  • Conduct negotiations on substantive conditions of employment are conducted annually on a national basis with the trade unions. All arrangements are extended to non-parties in the industry via a Sectoral Determination.
  • Offer advice is available to all members on industrial relations issues. These include the implementation of labour legislation, collective agreements, disciplinary matters, and retrenchments.
  • Provides advice to members regarding Labour Law, Industrial Relations and Human Resources matters.
  • Represents members in dispute resolution.
  • Supplies industry job descriptions.
  • Handles collective bargaining.
  • Liaises with the Department of Labour.
  • Negotiates substantive conditions of employment on a national platform.
  • Organises and to keeps the workplace fully union orientated.
  • Handles grievances and to enforce agreements.Keep members informed on matters affecting them directly, such as agreements that apply in the workplace.

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