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Enterprise Development Program


Enterprise Development Program


SAFCEC offers a unique programme for Enterprise Development (ED) in the construction industry. It is a company-to-company mentoring program based on the ED requirements in described in the Construction Codes. 


The objective of this programme is to transfer knowledge and skills to the Business owner and personnel of a sub contractor or JV Partner, via mentoring, coaching and training.


This is how

An Established Contractor must coach/guide/mentor a Developing Contractor (Protégé Company) through a structured development programme. The objective is to help the protégé company reach independence and to address all the development areas as mentioned in the Construction Scorecard.  The ideal mentoring period is between 3-5 years.


After a relationship (sub contract/joint venture) has been established between Mentor and Protégé Company, the following process will be followed:

  1. A facilitator does a thorough evaluation of the proficiencies of the protégé company and some of its employees;
  2. After which a unique development program suited to the needs and aspirations of the Developing Company (protégé) is agreed;
  3. The most suited personnel from each company are paired up in mentor-protégé teams.
  4. A structured development program for each individual protégé is drafted to ensure the transfer of knowledge, experience, systems, and training (if need be) is agreed. This must be recorded for BEE scorecard purposes.
  5. Development Outcomes are defined and agreed.
  6. A facilitator (SAFCEC or internal) then guides the interaction (program of transfer) at regular intervals over time, until the desired outcomes have been reached.
  7. For the program to be successful, preference need to be given to CIDB level 3 and higher contractors and a longer term (up to 4 years) relationship must be possible. Clients must therefore accept geographic mobility of mentor and protégé company alike.
The SAFCEC involvement in the programme includes the following:
  • Presents awareness presentations to management teams to inform them regarding the programme and the process
  • Assists with the launch of  the program on relevant site
  • Supplies a Facilitator
  • The Facilitator evaluates the protégé and develops a unique development plan for this protégé
  • The Facilitator assists to establish a open, trusty relationship between the two companies
  • Supplies the program manuals, which include generic development plans and log sheets to keep record of meetings, discussions etc.
  • The Facilitator assist to facilitate meetings between the mentor company and protégé
  • If required the facilitator can develop the portfolio of evidence.
The costing for this programme is available from
SAFCEC would like to remind Members of the following important points: 
  • Enterprise Development and Mentoring are legislated by the BBBEE Scorecard
  • More than one developing company/Sub contractor can be mentored on the same day (Commitment and organisation)
  • Clients might be willing to assist with expenses to implement ED program/s
  • If the standards (knowledge, skills and independence) of the subcontractors improve, future projects will be much easier.
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