Werner Jerling

Werner Jerling is the current SAFCEC Vice President and Managing Director of Stefanutti Stocks Structures with a particular interest in relationships and risks contractors need to manage as part of the construction process. One of his guiding ambitions has been to increase the level of professionalism and participation of contractors in the constructive effort.

He is an experienced Construction Professional with a particular interest in design and construct, as well as collaborative contracting models. Werner spent a short period in the consulting engineering field and the majority of his career in the civil engineering construction environment, during which time he gained experience in the field of designing and constructing large reinforced concrete structures for a multitude of South African and foreign clients in a multitude of different industries. Werner has been involved in the construction of a large number of construction projects throughout Southern Africa.

Werner holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Stellenbosch University, a B Comm from the University of South Africa, an MSc in International Construction Management from the University of Bath and is an alumni of the Construction Management Programme (CMP). Werner is a registered Professional Engineer (Pr Eng) and Professional Construction Project Manager (Pr CPM). He is a Fellow of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) and the Water Institute of South Africa (WISA).