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Current Minimum Wages

Current Minimum Wages


Q: What are the current minimum wages for the industry?


A: The new minimum hourly wage rates for Task Grades 1 - 9 effective 1 September 2014 shall be as follows: 

Task Grade 1       R 25.18

Task Grade 2       R 25.45

Task Grade 3       R 26.16

Task Grade 4       R 27.04

Task Grade 5       R 31.12

Task Grade 6       R 35.33             

Task Grade 7       R 40.47

Task Grade 8       R 45.37                                                 

Task Grade 9       R 51.28

The minimum hourly wage rates for Task Grades 1 - 4 effective 1 March 2014 shall be as follows:
Task Grade 1       R 22.89

Task Grade 2       R 23.14

Task Grade 3       R 23.79

Task Grade 4       R 24.58


Q: Do these wages apply to SAFCEC members only?


A: No, these wages have been Gazetted in a BCCEI Agreement, promulgated on 20 June 2014 which is the Minimum conditions of employment for the Civil Engineering Industry. The Minister of Labour legislates the minimum conditions applicable to all employers and employees in the industry.  


Q:  What jobs are included for each task grades?


Task Grade

Occupational Group

Job title

Task Grade 1/ Patterson A1

General Worker

General Worker

Task Grade2 / Patterson 2

Construction Hand

Grade IV

Structures Construction Hand; Premix Paving Checker; Steel Bending Machine Operator; Civil Construction Bricklayer Grade II

Operator Grade V

Boom scraper operator

Pedestrian Roller Operator






Task Grade 3/Patterson 3

Construction hand

Grade III

Shutter hand Grade III

Concrete Hand Grade11

Operator Grade IV

Trag Rig Operator (general); Bore Pile Operator; Drilling Supervisor

Site Support

Junior clerk





Task Grade 4/ Patterson B1

Construction Hand Grade II

Shutter Hand Grade II; Reinforcing Hand Grade II; Concrete Hand Grade1; Fence Erector; Guard Rail Erector




Operator Grade III

Concrete Mixer Operator; Continuous Flight Auger Operator; Batch Plant Operator; Concrete Dumper Operator Concrete Pump Operator; Tower Crane Operator General Premix Roller Operator; Milling Machine Operator; Paver Operator; Excavator Operator; Front End Loader Operator; TLB Operator; Dozer Operator; Grader Operator (general) Gunite Nozzle person

Driver Grade II

Motorcycle Driver; Tractor Driver; Light Motor Vehicle Driver; Driver Operator; Heavy Duty Driver (rigid); Extra Heavy Driver (rigid)

Site Support

Material Tester



Task Grade 5/Patterson B2

Construction Hand

Grade 1

Shutter Hand Grade I; Piling Auger Machine Operator; Reinforcing Hand Grade I; Pipe Layer Grade 1; Kerb Layer Grade 1; Civil Construction Brick Layer Grade 1

Operator Grade II

Mobile Crane Operator; Screed Operator; Scraper Operator

Driver Grade 1

Heavy Duty Driver (articulated); Extra Heavy Duty Driver (articulated)

Site Support

Assistant Surveyor

Task Grade 6/Patterson B3

Operator Grade 1

Grader Operator (final level)

Task Grade 7/ Patterson B4



Supervisor Grade II; Plant Serviceman

Task Grade 8/ Patterson B5



Supervisor Grade I

Task grade 9/ Patterson C1


Diesel Mechanic, Fitter & Turner, Auto Electrician; Boilermaker, Welder


Q: What happens if it rains? What does "inclement weather” mean? = Rain Days


A: Inclement weather/rain days shall be dealt with as follows: Employees are entitled to 9 hours for rain days. (See practice note)


Q: What Bonus has to be paid in December?


A: 20 working days’

An employee whose employment is terminated through no fault of his or her own, through retrenchment, retirement, disability or death, shall be entitled to a pro rata bonus payment.   If an employee is dismissed is he/she entitled to a bonus? The answer is "NO".




A:  It is:

  1. Despite clauses 8 & 9 the ordinary hours of work and overtime of an employee may be averaged over a period of up to four months in terms of a collective agreement.
  2. An employer may not require or permit an employee whom is bound by a collective agreement in terms of subclause (1) to work more than-

(a) an average of 45 ordinary hours of work in a week over the agreed period;

(b) an average of five hours’ overtime in a week over the agreed period.

  1. A collective agreement in terms of subclause (1) lapses after 12 months.
  2. Subclause (3) only applies to the first two collective agreements concluded in terms of subsection (1).


Q:Who are the parties to the agreement?




Q: Is there a Bargaining Council for the Industry?


A: Yes the Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry (BCCEI) was registered on 7 December 2012. Website BCCEI


Q: What services does SAFCEC provide its members in terms of Human Resources and Industrial Relations?


A: We provide overarching and specific advice for our members to execute at plant/site level. We provide template documents, 24/7 standby telephonic advice, preparation for dispute resolution, and regular industry and legislative advice. We blog and we tweet important notices. We speak on behalf of the industry with mandate and we negotiate collective substantive matters to avoid two tier bargaining. We will solicit specific dispute resolution assistance.

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